Abe Heuer

Abe Heuer

Born 1956 – Johannesburg. As a child I explored various ways of creating artistic things and as a youngster I also designed and made my own toys to play with and in my early teens I started with oil paints painting for myself and family.

In my early 20’s I discovered Interior Design while doing a part time acting course. I studied interior design for 3 yrs. Art history and fine art was part of the studies and this opened my mind to a new self discovery for fine art. As a student I started doing fine art and also selling it at the artist market.

After a 30yr career in interior design of which 20yrs was specializing in int & ext signage I finally called it quits as the fine art flame was now burning stronger than ever within me and I took early retirement to do my fine art, now on a full-time basis.

My current work is in acrylics. Acrylics have a fast drying time and I can finish a painting one at a time so that I can capture my thoughts and feelings for that particular subject. My paintings are not realistic renderings allthough they appear detailed. They are going towards a more emotive and organic expressiveness and at times semi-abstract especially my landscapes.

I greatly admire Jackson Pollock’s total freedom of expression and his contribution as an abstarct expressionist. I also exlore my expressiveness in my abstract work and as with all my work I like to see how the acrylic paint reacts to my expression and how the painted textures & patterns appear after applying them especially a day after when the paintings is dry and has ‘settled’ – it’s like magic.

I love and paint landscapes but I want to paint anything and everything that catches my eye and senses and evokes a response within me. I always have my camera with me I would capture this and put it in my data-base for later interpretation when I want to paint the subject and recapture the feelings and mood.

Painting gives meaning to my life and is an act of creation. We are all co-creators in the universe in one way or another irrespective of the fields we are in. We are all searching for a sense of purpose in life and this sense of purpose in my life is the reason why I like to create something on a canvas that has nothing on it and takes me back to a poem I wrote as a student in the early 80’s about creation called…….. “Nothing” What if there was Nothing Not even Nothing for even Nothing is something Otherwise you wouldn’t even mention Nothing.

“Painting gives meaning to my life and is an act of creation.”

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