Edward Selematsela

Edward Selematsela

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Edward was born in Limpopo province Ga-Modjadji South Africa and had a passion for art at a tender age.

His family couldn’t understand why he was always off by himself sketching , and worried why he wasn’t playing soccer as other boys were. At Boke High School his instructors noticed his artistic ability when Edward painted a portrait of a teacher leading a class. Edward gained recognition at school and community after radio Thobela fm interviewed him regarding his art.

In 1995 he studied jewelry at National School of the Arts in Braamfontein. He moved on to study art and business at Eastside College and then at the University of South Africa.

Edward’s first international exhibition was in Bordeaux, Pessac in France 1997. Edward has exhibited his art work all over South Africa and abroad.

Edward uses his art to help improve the life-skills of children and give back to the community. In 1994 Edward began working with abused and orphaned street children and offered art classes to them. In 1998 he graduated with a certification as a child and youth caregiver (BQCC), and he currently teaches art at the Little Artist School.

Edward is a full time artist. He believes art is within him and is a gift from God, because he finds joy and peace in art. Edward attributes much of his success to the late Dulcie Robinson, who motivated and encouraged Edward to pursue his career and also taught him the business side of art.

Edward is very passionate about art, and he is well known artist around South Africa and abroad. He has appeared on several South African television progammes eg: F1 TV, Morning Edition Etv, Atchar SABC2 and Morning Live SABC2 and also in print publications: The Sowetan newspaper, Fourways Newspaper, Arttimes, House and Leisure, British Airways Magazine, and City Press. His medium of art is mixed media including acrylics, oils, pastels and watercolours.

He believes art is within him and is a gift from God, because he finds joy and peace in art

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